Beach/ pool bag essentials!



As it is summer for most people , we tend to hang around the beach or the pool, well at least I do! So here are most of my essentials that I need at the pool/ beach. The most important item to pack would be sun sunscreen both for face and body, because don’t you want to burn and end up looking like a tomato. I’ve been there done that, and trust me it’s not fun and also very bad for your health. So try and avoid getting sunburnt!

Although after applying my sunscreen, I then go ahead and apply a tanning oil. It allows me to tan faster, though I’m still protected from the sun.



Another item I always have to have is a bikini, flip-flops and a towel. This kind of speaks for itself. A polaroid is also a fun thing to bring along so that you can take pictures of you and you friends or maybe just of the sea or something like that. I feel like a hair brush is vital for me as my hair gets really tangled and just doesn’t feel nice or looks cute. Then sometimes I like to bring a body mist because its really refreshing on the body and also smells amazing.


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– Maria xx

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