What’s in my bag?

DSC_0423Hello there, so this is my first ever post and as it is I decided to show you whats inside my bag. You may be wondering why I would choose to do this type of post as my first? Well I believe that you can get to know a lady through her purse, as you are able to see her essentials and the things she can’t live without. So this is the bag I have currently been using, it’s a Micheal Kors ‘Jet Set Travel’ in ‘Pale blue’. Honestly it’s such a beautiful bag, the colour is so perfect for summer, especially now that the pale blue has been such a massive trend this year. Not just that but the gold accent makes it so much easier for me to match with outfits as it’s so classy and I own a lot of gold items, therefore it’s easy to combine the two. Although I don’t just love it for its looks but also it fits so many of my necessities but still keeps it comfortable to carry around, I thinks it’s the perfect size! DSC_0401 So now for the interesting part, WHAT’S INSIDE?! DSC_0410 As you can tell I have the kind of “basic” things and it seems like I don’t carry much but in reality it is a lot (and don’t forget all the and wrappers and unwanted things I carry, I obviously didn’t include that in the picture above because who wants to see gross rubbish, am I right?) DSC_0406 First thing I carry would be my most needed items which would be my phone along with my wallet (phone: iPhone 6 Black) The wallet is from Michael Kors… again, but to be honest I just love their things as they last a long time and I personally don’t think there that expensive. With that I always have to carry earphones because you never know when you want or need to listen to music. (headphones: apple) DSC_0452 Then I would carry a pair of sunglasses, the ones shown are my favourite sunnies ever! They are from Quay and there just so funky and edgy and make me feel like on top off the world. Some people like to say give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will be able to conquer the world, well I believe that is possible with a nice pair of sun glasses. Moving onto smaller items; I have a body mist (Rituals: Happy mist), I like to carry that around that around with me at all times, because you never know when your going to start smelling weird, this scent is so fresh and perfect to hide any nasty smell. DSC_0434 Then I like to carry a mascara (Benefit: They’re Real) I don’t know what to say about it apart that it’s just amazing. Then I carry a lip balm (Benefit: Bene balm), my lips get really dry so I need something moisturising at all times and this one is great as it has a lovely red tint to it.  Then I also carry a lipstick (Revlon: Kate Moss), it’s just a very pretty pale pink and I usually swap out the lipstick in my bag depending on what I’m wearing that day. DSC_0413 Something we all carry are our keys, whether to your car or house. I have these two house keys on a Prada key chain. A hand sanitiser comes with me at all times because I’m kind of a germaphobe and why not keep your hand clean? Last but not least I carry round a note book and a pen to just drop down ideas or reminders, personally I’m more of a paper and pen type of person. I just don’t really like writing down things on my phone… I don’t know why but yeah that’s just how it is. Thank you so much for reading, I truly hope you liked it. Come back for more as I’m going to be posting a lot so yeah hope to see you next time xx – Maria

4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

      1. I’ve been blogging since December 2014. My best tip is to just comment on other blogs. When you post an interesting comment, other people might get interested in your blog! Also try to join communities, I joined some and it helped me get some more views! Xx


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